Hot Mobile Israel SIM Card

Find the perfect Hot Mobile Israel SIM Card plan tailored to your specific requirements. You will receive an Israeli SIM card with every plan. If you already possess an Israeli SIM card and simply wish to renew your plan, visit the recharge page for HOT Mobile prepaid SIM cards.


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  • Brand: HOT Mobile Prepaid
  • Network: HOT Mobile
  • Payment Option: Prepaid
  • Credit Included: Unlimited Calls & SMS + DATA
  • Use in: Israel
  • Number of Minutes: Unlimited (in Israel)
  • Included DATA: up to 750 GB
  • SIM Card Expiration Period: 365 Days (after the last use)
  • Plan Period: 10 Days or 30 Days
  • Connectivity: 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, 5G
  • SIM Card Type: eSIM, nano SIMmicro SIMregular SIM

How To Recharge HOT Mobile

Israeli SIM Card Custumer Proof
Israeli SIM Card Custumer Proof
Israeli SIM Card Custumer Proof
Israeli SIM Card Custumer Proof

HOT Mobile Plans and Prices

RechargeStarter planDataCalls & SMSDaysAdditionals
₪55₪90100GBin Israel30HOT Mobile Israeli SIM card
₪59₪95150GBin Israel30+ 35 NIS for calls for Abroad
₪69₪105200GBin Israel30HOT Mobile Israeli SIM card
₪79₪115300GBin Israel30+ 50 NIS for calls for Abroad
₪99₪135500GBin Israel30+ 50 NIS for calls for Abroad
₪139₪175750GBin Israel30+ 100 NIS for calls for Abroad
₪29₪6920GBin Israel10

Where most of our customers come from:

Prepaid HOT Mobile Israel SIM Card is an affordable mobile network option in Israel that provides high-quality connections throughout the country. Our online platform allows customers to easily purchase the HOT Mobile Prepaid SIM cards. Our platform offers leading Israeli telephone operators and Israeli SIM cards for pay-as-you-go plans. The SIM card is a triple-cut format, which means there is no need to specify the size required.

The Prepaid HOT Mobile Israel SIM Card comes with unlimited calls and SMS, as well as up to 750GB of data. The SIM card has a validity period of 365 days after the last use, and the plans are available for either 10 or 30 days. The connectivity includes 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, and 5G networks.

HOT Mobile offers a range of prepaid starter plans with various data options, including the Israeli DATA SIM with 20GB of data for ₪30/$10, the Prepaid SIM Card Israel HOT Mobile with 50GB of data for ₪50/$17, and the Prepaid SIM Card Israel HOT Mobile with 750GB of data for ₪139/$41. The plans also offer a different number of minutes and SMS with unlimited domestic calls and messages. Some of the plans come with extras, such as international call credits.


HOT Mobile provides a speed test to show the data download and upload speed by city, including Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Tiberias, and Dead Sea.

The company advises customers to ensure their phones are unlocked for International SIM use and highlights that the average person only uses their phone for fair and reasonable use.

Prepaid services are available only to prevent surprise bills at the end of the usage. The company will notify customers of their bills through the email address provided.

HOT Mobile Israel SIM card does not include calls to service numbers, information, *numbers, toll-free access numbers, or MMS messages in their prepaid plans. For any questions or queries, customers can contact HOT Mobile for assistance.

Overall, HOT Mobile Israel SIM Card is an excellent option for those looking for affordable and reliable mobile network services in Israel.

Choose HOT Mobile HOTALK Plan

100 GB, 155 GB, 200 GB, 300 GB, 500 GB, 750 GB, 20 GB


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Discover the advantages of using an Israeli Prepaid SIM Card while visiting Israel

Fast 5G Internet

More than 300% faster than your roaming

Save Money

More than 50% cheaper than your roaming

NO Subscription

Recharge it only when/if need to


Customer support is available every day

Compare the Features of the leading cellular companies in Israel

FeaturesHOT MobilePelephone IsraelCellcom IsraelPartner Israel
100 GB
150 GB
200 GB
300 GB
500 GB
750 GB
1000 GB
SIM Card Type
Plan Period
7 Days
10 Days
30 Days
Credit Included

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If the FAQ does not provide an answer to your question, please feel free to reach out to us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check the balance left in my HOT Mobile account?

To check your HOT Mobile balance send SMS to number “700” with text the ltter “b“.

How to do HOT Mobile APN settings?

HOT Mobile APN settings are very easy to set up you need to go to settings menu of your phone to go to mobile networks and then create a new APN.
In the APN please type “HOT Mobile” for the name and for the APN connection please type “net.hotm“.

How to call abroad with HOT Mobile?

Enter the prefix for international service (017) > the country code > the phone number you are calling > press “CALL”.

How to find HOT Mobile numbers?

How to find HOT Mobile numbers?
HOT mobile numbers starting with 053.
HOT mobile service numbers: customer service and info *6733 (multi language audio menu).
To check your HOT Mobile phone number Call to *6733 than press 4.

How long it takes to start working after the payment is done?

If you have purchased a starter plan with an eSIM card or recharged your existing SIM card, processing will take between 5-30 minutes from order completion. Please note that orders are fulfilled by real people, and orders placed after 9:00 PM will be executed the next day at 8:30 AM.

If you bought a starter plan with a physical SIM card, you will receive it according to the delivery method you chose when ordering.

How can I cancel the subscription?

Good news here. Prepaid Israeli SIM cards are not subscription-based, but a prepaid service. When the plan you purchased expires, it will not automatically renew, but you will have the option to add a new one if you need to.

Does my Israeli SIM card support roaming outside of Israel?

No. Israeli SIM cards do not support roaming and cannot be used outside of Israel.