HOT Mobile Israel

HOT Mobilr Israel

HOT Mobile Israel provides reliable mobile services in Israel, including prepaid and postpaid plans with extensive coverage and competitive prices

HOT Mobile Israel Specification

  • Brand: HOT Mobile
  • Network: HOT Mobile
  • Payment Option: Prepaid
  • Credit Included: Unlimited Calls & SMS + DATA
  • Use in: Israel
  • Number of Minutes: Unlimited (up to 3000) in Israel
  • Included DATA: up to 750 GB
  • SIM Card Expiration Period: 12 Months (after the last use)
  • Plan Period: 30 Days
  • Connectivity: 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, 5G
  • SIM Card Type: nano SIM, micro SIM, regular SIM

Contact Us With any Questions

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time. You can reach us by email or WhatsApp chat on +972 55 990 9888. Our customer support team is available every day from 8:30 till 21:00 Israeli time to assist you with any inquiries you may have.

HOT Mobile Israel Plans and Prices

HOT Mobile offers two types of plans: Recharge plans and Starter plans.

Recharge plans are prepaid plans that can be purchased online or at HOT Mobile stores. These plans come with varying amounts of data, domestic minutes, and SMS messages, and are valid for different durations depending on the plan selected. Customers can choose from a range of recharge plans based on their usage needs, with prices starting at ₪30 for 20GB of data and 1000 minutes/SMS messages valid for 10 days, and going up to ₪139 for 750GB of data and unlimited calls/SMS valid for 30 days. Additionally, customers can add extra credit for international calls, starting at ₪50 for 180 days.

Starter plans are designed for customers who want a simple and affordable way to get started with HOT Mobile. These plans come with a set amount of data, domestic minutes, and SMS messages, and are valid for different durations depending on the plan selected. Customers can choose from a range of starter plans based on their usage needs, with prices starting at ₪65 for 20GB of data and 1000 minutes/SMS messages valid for 10 days, and going up to ₪175 for 750GB of data and unlimited calls/SMS valid for 30 days. These plans also offer the option to add extra credit for international calls, starting at ₪50 for 180 days.

Overall, HOT Mobile’s plans are designed to provide customers with flexibility and affordability, with options available for different usage needs and budgets. Additionally, the option to add credit for international calls makes it easy for customers to stay in touch with friends and family abroad without breaking the bank.

RechargeStarter planDataCalls & SMSDaysAdditionals
₪55₪90100GBin Israel30HOT Mobile Israeli SIM card
₪59₪95150GBin Israel30+ 35 NIS for calls for Abroad
₪69₪105200GBin Israel30HOT Mobile Israeli SIM card
₪79₪115300GBin Israel30+ 50 NIS for calls for Abroad
₪99₪135500GBin Israel30+ 50 NIS for calls for Abroad
₪139₪175750GBin Israel30+ 100 NIS for calls for Abroad
₪29₪6920GBin Israel10

HOT Mobile Israel coverage map and antennas places

This HOT Mobile Israel coverage map, allowing customers to check for network coverage in specific areas. The map shows areas of Israel with strong coverage, as well as areas with weaker signals. This map can be particularly helpful for customers who travel frequently or live in rural areas where network coverage may be limited.

In addition to the coverage map, customers can also check the locations of HOT Mobile’s cellular antennas throughout Israel. This information can be found on the company’s website and can help customers understand where the nearest antennas are in their area.

HOT Mobile has invested significantly in its network infrastructure in recent years, particularly through its partnership with Partner. As a result, the company’s network coverage and reliability have improved, making it a popular choice in Israel for customers looking for reliable and affordable services.

HOT Mobile Israel coverage map

HOT Mobile Israel: Everything You Need to Know

About the company

HOT Mobile is a subsidiary of HOT Telecommunication Systems Ltd., a leading Israeli communications and multi-channel television provider. HOT Mobile began operations in 2010 and since then has become a popular mobile operator in Israel, providing cellular services to more than 1.5 million subscribers.

HOT Mobile operates as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that leases network infrastructure from the country’s leading mobile operators, including Partner Communications Ltd., Cellcom Israel Ltd., and Pelephone Communications Ltd. This arrangement allows HOT Mobile to offer its subscribers extensive 4G/LTE coverage throughout Israel, and to provide a range of affordable prepaid and postpaid cellular plans.

One of the unique features of HOT Mobile is that it operates a shared antenna network with Partner Communications, which enables the company to offer a high-quality cellular service to its subscribers. Since the cooperation with Partner Communications, the quality of reception at HOT Mobile has increased significantly, providing its subscribers with better call quality and internet speeds.

In addition, HOT Mobile offers a range of postpaid plans that cater to users who require more extensive cellular services, including international calling, roaming, and home internet. HOT Mobile’s postpaid plans include a variety of unlimited plans with different amounts of data, and international call packages.

HOT Mobile also provides excellent customer support to its subscribers, including a multi-language audio menu that can be accessed by dialing *6733. Customers can also check their balance by sending an SMS to 700 with the text “B,” and can check their phone number by dialing *6733 and pressing 4.

HOT Mobile’s website provides useful information and tools to its subscribers, including a coverage map, which allows customers to check network coverage in their area. The website also features a speed test that enables customers to check the internet speed in different cities in Israel.


HOT Mobile is a popular cellular network provider in Israel. It offers various advantages to its customers, making it a preferred choice for many.

  • Affordable Plans: HOT Mobile offers a range of affordable plans, including prepaid and postpaid plans, catering to the varying needs of customers. Its prepaid plans are especially popular due to their flexibility and cost-effectiveness.
  • Unlimited Data: HOT Mobile offers unlimited data plans, providing customers with the freedom to use the internet without worrying about data limits. This is especially beneficial for heavy internet users, such as streamers, gamers, and those who work remotely.
  • Excellent Coverage: HOT Mobile has an extensive coverage area, covering most parts of Israel. It operates on a shared antenna network with Partner, which has improved its quality of reception and overall coverage.
  • Fast Data Speeds: HOT Mobile offers high-speed data connectivity, allowing customers to enjoy fast and reliable internet access. It also regularly conducts mobile data speed tests across the country, sharing the results on its website and YouTube channel.
  • International Calling: HOT Mobile offers affordable international calling plans, allowing customers to stay connected with their loved ones abroad without breaking the bank.
  • Easy to Use: HOT Mobile’s plans and services are easy to understand and use, making it a great choice for those who are new to cellular networks or don’t want to deal with complicated plans and contracts.
  • Customer Service: HOT Mobile has a dedicated customer service team that is available to assist customers with their queries and concerns. It also provides multi-language audio menus, making it easy for customers to communicate with customer service representatives.

HOT Mobile Israel (HOTalk) Additional Information

HOT Mobile Israel offers a variety of prepaid SIM card options, including their HOTalk plan. HOTalk is a prepaid package that provides unlimited calling and SMS messaging within Israel, as well as unlimited data usage at a reduced speed after a certain data cap is reached.

The HOTalk plan is available for purchase for 30 days or for a longer period of time. Additionally, customers can add international calling minutes to their plan for an additional cost.

One of the key advantages of HOT Mobile’s HOTalk plan is its affordability. Compared to other mobile plans offered in Israel, HOTalk provides a low-cost option for individuals and families who want to stay connected without breaking the bank.

In addition to its affordability, HOTalk is a convenient option for those who want to have a local Israeli number. With the prepaid plan, customers can easily purchase a SIM card at various locations throughout the country and activate their service without a lengthy registration process or long-term commitment.

Compare Most popular mobile operators in Israel

HOT Mobile is one of several mobile operators in Israel. Let’s take a closer look at how it compares to some of the other popular operators in the country:

  1. Cellcom Israel: Cellcom is one of the largest mobile operators in Israel, with a wide range of plans and services. They offer a variety of plans, including postpaid, prepaid, and international plans. They also have a large network and offer good coverage throughout the country. However, their prices tend to be higher than some of the other operators.
  2. Partner Communications: Partner is another large mobile operator in Israel. They also offer a variety of plans, including postpaid and prepaid options. They have a good network and offer good coverage throughout the country. Their prices tend to be competitive, making them a popular choice for many consumers.
  3. Pelephone: Pelephone is one of the oldest mobile operators in Israel, with a strong reputation for quality and reliability. They offer a range of plans, including postpaid, prepaid, and international plans. They also have a large network and offer good coverage throughout the country. However, their prices tend to be higher than some of the other operators.
  4. Golan Telecom: Golan Telecom is a newer entrant to the Israeli mobile market, but has quickly gained popularity due to its low prices and flexible plans. They offer a range of plans, including postpaid and prepaid options, and have a large network with good coverage throughout the country. However, their network is not as large as some of the other operators, which can lead to some coverage issues in certain areas.

When compared to these popular mobile operators in Israel, HOT Mobile offers competitive pricing, flexible plans, and good coverage throughout the country. While it may not have the largest network or the longest history in the market, its cooperation with Partner has allowed it to improve its reception quality significantly in recent years. Additionally, its prepaid HOTalk plans offer a variety of options for customers who want to control their spending or need a temporary local number.

HOT Mobile Customers Reviews

These are customer reviews and comments about HOT Mobile Israel and its prepaid SIM card service. The reviews generally indicate positive experiences with the company, such as good customer service and flexible options. Some users ordered a SIM card were pleased with the friendly, professional, and cost-effective service. Other users stated that they had an excellent experience with the prepaid SIM card service.

In addition to the reviews, there are also some questions and comments from customers seeking assistance with issues related to their service. For example, one user asked how to find out the balance data they had in their Hot Mobile, and another user asked how to call France from Israel with a Hot Mobile phone. We have provided helpful answers and solutions to these queries a little bit above.

However, one user reported that their prepaid SIM card was not able to connect to Wi-Fi, and they could not make local calls inside Israel. The company requested the user’s order number to assist them further.

All the reviews and comments suggest that HOT Mobile Israel provides a reliable prepaid SIM card service, with helpful customer service and flexible options. However, there are occasional issues that customers encounter, which the company appears to address in a prompt and helpful manner.

FAQ – HOT Mobile Israel

How do I set up HOT Mobile APN settings?

To set up HOT Mobile APN settings, go to the settings menu on your phone, navigate to mobile networks, and then create a new APN. Enter “HOT Mobile” for the name and “net.hotm” for the APN connection.
Here is a video how to set up HOT Mobile APN settings.

How do I change the language on HOT Mobile?

To change the language on HOT Mobile, call *6733 and then press 1 for Hebrew, 2 for Arabic, 3 for Russian, or 4 for English.

How do I check my HOT Mobile balance?

To check your HOT Mobile balance, send an SMS to the number 700 with the letter “b”. You can also call *6733 and select the balance inquiry option.

How do I call abroad with HOT Mobile?

To call abroad with HOT Mobile, enter the prefix for international service (017), followed by the country code and the phone number you are calling. Press “CALL” to place the call.

What types of prepaid SIM cards does HOT Mobile offer?

HOT Mobile offers a variety of prepaid SIM cards under the name HOTalk, which are available on several different tracks. The more you invest in a larger amount, the less you will pay for airtime.

Where can I purchase a HOT Mobile SIM card?

HOT Mobile SIM cards can be purchased on our website, at various locations throughout Israel, including at authorized resellers, kiosks, and online retailers.

What is the coverage area for HOT Mobile?

HOT Mobile offers coverage throughout Israel, and its network covers over 98% of the population.

Does HOT Mobile offer international roaming for HOTalk?

No, HOT Mobile does not offer international roaming for prepaid SIM cards.

How do I contact HOT Mobile customer service?

You can contact HOT Mobile customer service by calling *6733 or sending an email to [email protected]. Customer service representatives are available to assist you in Hebrew, English, Arabic, and Russian.

HOT Mobile Israel International Calls

If you want to to do international calls from HOT Mobile Israel prepaid SIM card you can do it by dialing 017 then the country code and the phone number that you want to call. Below you will find the prices by countries for calling by minute.

CountryPrice / min.
Afghanistan 2.50
Albania 2.50
Algeria 11.00
American Samoa 3.90
Angola 7.00
Anguilla 4.30
Antigua & Barbuda19.00
Argentina 1.40
Armenia 1.80
Aruba 4.00
Australia 6.57
Austria 1.70
Azerbaijan 2.00
Bahamas 5.80
Bahrain 1.50
Bangladesh 1.50
Barbados 3.30
Belarus 1.89
Belgium 1.60
Belize 3.30
Benin 3.30
Bermuda 1.00
Bhutan 1.80
Bolivia 2.50
Bosnia & Herzegovina 4.00
Botswana 4.00
Brazil 1.10
British Virgin Isl 4.50
Brunei Darussalam 8.50
Bulgaria 4.50
Burkina Faso 30.00
Burundi 30.00
Cambodia 1.40
Cameroon 3.30
Canada 0.50
Cape Verde 15.00
Cayman Isl 8.00
Central African Rep 15.00
Chad 4.50
Chile 1.00
China 0.15
Colombia 1.00
Comoros 20.00
Congo 10.00
Costa Rica 1.00
Cote DIvoire 2.30
Croatia 1.80
Cuba 5.00
Cyprus 1.00
Czech Republic 1.00
Denmark 1.00
Diego Garcia 45.00
Djibouti 7.00
Dominica 1.80
Dominican Republic 1.80
Ecuador 2.00
Egypt 0.80
El Salvador 2.00
Equatorial Guinea 10.00
Eritrea 1.15
Ethiopia 1.20
Falkland Islands 30.00
Faroe Islands 30.00
Fiji 5.00
Finland 2.50
France 0.40
French Guiana 20.00
French Polynesia 20.00
Gabon 6.80
Georgia 1.30
Germany 1.00
Ghana 2.50
Gibraltar 25.00
Greece 0.50
Greenland 25.00
Grenada 25.00
Guadeloupe 20.00
Guam 20.00
Guatemala 1.80
Guinea 25.00
Guyana 11.00
Haiti 1.80
Honduras 1.80
Hong-Kong 0.30
Hungary 1.80
Iceland 1.20
India 0.19
Indonesia 2.40
Inmarsat 50.00
Iran 1.80
Iraq 1.80
Ireland 0.50
Italy 1.00
Jamaica 1.80
Japan 0.50
Jordan 0.89
Kazakhstan 1.00
Kenya 2.50
Kiribati 20.00
Korea South 1.70
Kosovo 2.00
Kuwait 2.00
Kyrgyzstan 2.00
Laos 1.00
Latvia 2.50
Lebanon 1.00
Lesotho 3.80
Liberia 4.00
Libya 1.80
Liechtenstein 12.00
Lithuania 2.50
Luxembourg 1.80
Macau 1.50
Macedonia 1.80
Malawi 7.00
Malaysia 2.40
Maldives 7.00
Mali 2.50
Malta 1.00
Mariana Islands 7.00
Marshall Islands 7.00
Martinique 7.00
Mauritania 7.00
Mauritius 7.00
Mayotte 7.00
Mexico 0.24
Micronesia 7.00
Moldova 1.20
Monaco 2.00
Mongolia 1.30
Montenegro 12.00
Montserrat 30.00
Morocco 4.00
Mozambique 2.00
Myanmar 1.00
Namibia 2.00
Nepal 0.90
Netherland Antilles 7.00
Netherlands 1.10
New Caledonia 3.90
New Zealand 1.00
Nicaragua 23.69
Niger 4.00
Nigeria 0.60
Niue 30.00
Norway 1.00
Oman 1.80
Pakistan 1.00
Palau 25.00
Palestine 1.20
Panama 1.00
Papua New Guinea 7.00
Paraguay 1.00
Peru 1.00
Philippines 0.70
Poland 1.00
Portugal 1.00
Puerto Rico 1.00
Qatar 1.50
Reunion 10.00
Romania 0.90
Russia 0.60
Rwanda 3.00
Samoa 9.00
San Marino 7.00
Saudi Arabia 0.90
Senegal 3.00
Serbia 2.50
Seychelles 10.00
Sierra Leone 5.00
Singapore 1.00
Slovakia 1.00
Slovenia 7.00
Solomon Islands 10.00
South Africa 1.20
South Sudan 2.30
Spain 1.00
Sri-Lanka 1.00
St. Helena 7.00
St. Kitts & Nevis 7.00
St. Lucia 7.00
St. Maarten 7.00
St. Pierre & Miquelon 7.00
St.Vincent&Grenadines 7.00
Sudan 0.89
Suriname 7.00
Swaziland 7.00
Sweden 0.25
Switzerland 3.00
Syria 2.50
Taiwan 1.00
Tajikistan 1.50
Tanzania 3.00
Thailand 0.10
Togo 5.00
Tokelau 20.00
Trinidad & Tobago 3.00
Tunisia 7.00
Turkmenistan 2.00
Turks & Caicos 7.00
Tuvalu 10.00
Uganda 2.00
UK 1.00
Ukraine 0.80
United Arab Emirates 3.00
Uruguay 2.00
Us Alaska 1.00
Us Hawaii 1.00
Us Virgin Isl 1.00
USA 0.50
Uzbekistan 0.90
Vanuatu 7.00
Vatican 2.00
Venezuela 1.00
Vietnam 0.44
Wallis & Futuna 15.00
Yemen 3.00
Zaire 3.00
Zambia 2.80
Zimbabwe 3.00